Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Treats #2

Iggle Piggle

Welcome, to the second post of my new Friday Treats feature. As promised last week, today I am bringing you Iggle Piggle in cake.

This client was actually a colleague of the husbands who overheard him on the phone to me stressing about another cake I was trying to get done.

Evie, her 2 year old was having an In the Night Garden party and she wanted to surprise her with an Iggle Piggle cake. Despite the mathematical challenges of fitting a 10" high figure in to a 8" square tin (it would have been too expensive to make 2 cakes and a lot of waste) this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable cakes I have made. It was just a plain Madeira cake with a vanilla butter cream covered in blue fondant icing.

It was only after I finished I realised I had forgotten his red blanket, but there was no room to fit it on, and lucky Iggle Piggle is always loosing his blanket so it didn't look too odd! Evie really loved the cake, and I was told after that when it was time to cut the cake she cried and cried as she didn't want her mum to kill Iggle Piggle. I think that's a sign I did quite well, don't you think?

Come back next week to see a cake I did for another of the husbands colleague  If you cant wait, follow me on Facebook or Twitter to hear my further ramblings about family life.


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