Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Treats #3

Pre kids, before making cakes had to fit around naps and feeding times, I would make a cake and at each stage send a picture to the husband for his approval. I can usually count on him to be honest with me and he would tell me if it was good enough, or if something needed to change. I'm too hard on myself and always see the flaws in my cakes.

Being the ever proud husband he would often show his work colleagues the photos and sometime even get their opinions too. One day when I had sent a picture of a finished cake and got a phone call minutes later. One of his colleagues LOVED the cake I had just finished making, and wondered if I'd be able to do one for the following weekend. He was having a Super-bowl party and a American foot ball cake would be the perfect centre piece for him.

It was a very simple cake to make, but I had to colour the fondant myself to get the perfect reddy brown colour. It's always tricky getting the balance of not too dry and not too sticky as you add the colour gel and kneed in more icing sugar. I think it just about turned out OK! 

Next week I'm showing off a weeding cake and spilling some secrets! As ever you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


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