Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Treats #4

This beautiful wedding cake actually wasn't made for a client. It was made because I had a new toy I wanted to try out!

So there isn't a lot of waste and unwanted cake, the actual cake is made of polystyrene. Its called a Dummy cake and they are so useful for displays and to practice icing techniques. They can also be used to cheaply add tiers to a cake when 4 or 5 cakes aren't wanted, but are called for in the design.

I had lots of fun decorating this cake, mainly because there was no pressure to get it right and no deadline to be constantly thinking about.

Its not perfect, the topper is off centre for a start, but I learnt a lot from doing that cake and know exactly how I would make it better next time.

Come back next week to see a blessing cake for the sweetest baby girl.
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