Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gluten Free

Many many many months ago, before the monkey was born, we found the husband had some sort of sensitivity to gluten. He found that after eating he was in a lot of pain, he felt bloated and was putting on weight despite exercise and eating a decent diet.

With much trepidation we entered the difficult world of gluten free. Ever thankful to friends for pointing out recipe's, blogs and giving me ideas, I managed to make our evening meal gluten free and I always kept gluten free snacks in the cupboard for the husband. During that time we've had periods where we stick religiously to the husbands gluten free diet and periods where its been more of an ideal than reality! There have been times where I have gone completely gluten free to support him and time where I really haven't.

I've started to notice when I stick to a gluten free diet my fatigue isn't quite so bad, I'm not quite so tired, I don't feel quite so bloated and uncomfortable myself and I eat much better.

So that's it! Last Sunday I went through all our kitchen cupboards and removed everything that said 'may contain gluten' I put any snacks for the girls back in to a snack cupboard and used up, got rid or gave away everything else. The start of next week marks the start of a stricter gluten free diet for me and the husband.

Having been doing gluten free for the husband for over a year now, it actually doesn't seem that scary any more, but if anyone has any recipes they'd like to share, I'm all ears!

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