Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Last Thursday, after I got the girls ready for bed I realised I needed something from the supermarket, it couldn't wait till the morning, I needed to go now.

I bundled the girls into the car dressed in their PJ's and wellies, with their teddies in hand and thought we'd just nip into Morrisons and be in and out in seconds. it was going so well, I ran in and grabbed what I needed. All was great until we got home.

The monsters monkey was nowhere to be found. I searched the house, before remembering she took it to Morrisons with us. I asked her if she left it in the shop and she burst into tears saying monkey wanted to play with the toys. I spent the next hour putting her to bed amid her cries of 'I want my monkey, not this teddy, my monkey'.

First thing Friday morning I phoned Morrisons to see if they had found it, but no such luck. We went out and as we were passing she asked at customer services if they had seen it, but no. It would seem monkey was lost forever.

After much convincing I persuaded the monster she might like a new monkey, unable to find another like it, we ended up in boots where she chose what she has named 'my new pink bunny monkey'

And all was happy again. She decided she loved this new pink bunny monkey and was never ever ever going to let it go.

Then who should turn up looking very grey, dirty and unloved? Monkey! He was sat in the gutter in the road, abandoned. Now the monster has 2 comforters she apparently cant possibly sleep with out both monkey and new pink bunny monkey.

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