Saturday, 25 May 2013

The monster and the monkey

On the blog I have always called my children the monster and the monkey. I don't use their real names as I don't feel comfortable using them, I like to retain the children's anonymity (can I just congratulate you If you can pronounce that word, I really can't!) Some times I also use these names in everyday life. 

Rather than being the scary monster that hides under the bed ready to get you, for me, a monster is cute and cuddly, much like the muppet characters.

In recent weeks the monster has started picking up on alternative meanings. Through cbeebies shows, books and her imagination she has decided monsters are feared creatures. Creatures to run and hide from. 

This morning when I called her my monster she said 'no mummy, I'm not a scary creature.' I was shocked by the look of sadness on her face, and ever conscious of the words I use around the girls and what meaning they take from those words, I've decided it's time to change both of the girls names on the blog. 

So from this point on my girls will be known as Big Girl and Baby Girl.


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