Saturday, 4 May 2013

Welcome Home!

Last Thursday morning my parents, brothers, sisters and I were very very excited. Stood at Bristol airport waiting for the arrival doors to open my dad could hardly stand still. My mum was getting impatient and we all ignored the kids as they ran circles around us!

My brother was about to walk through the doors and we could hardly wait! 2 years ago Eddie decided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in the past 2 years his appendix had burst, met a mad man with a knife, driven away from a crazy gun man and, well, there were countless other e mails where he recounted details of mad crazy and down right dangerous things he had done during that past week. 

When the doors finally opened and out he walked it was a real emotional moment. Eddie was home. 

This wasn't just a special moment because after 2 long years he was home, this was a special moment for other reasons too. 

Have I ever mentioned my crazy mixed up family to you? My eldest sisters eldest daughter is older than our youngest sister and my youngest sister is only 5 months older than the monster. Confused? I am an they are my family!

Just under 4 years ago George also made the decision to serve a mission for the church, and before he was home Eddie had left. During the 2 years George was away my youngest sister was born. This was the first time my parents and siblings had been together. 

It was lovely watching George and Eddie talking, laughing and fighting, it had been 4 years since they had seen each other and it was great just to be able to sit and chat with every one in the room. 

It was another one of those incredible 'special moments' life sometimes gives us.


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