Monday, 17 June 2013

A Public Apology to The Husband

Sometimes I ask the husband to proof read my posts, like the post on the education shake up, just to make sure I've got facts right and sometimes I'll ask him to check through the grammar on my posts too as its really not a strength of mine.

Most of the time I just post things up without him reading it at all. On these occasions I usually only find out he's read a post if there is a problem with it, I'll get a phone call saying you really cant use 10 commas in one sentence, or I think the word you were looking for was X rather than Y?

On Wednesday I got one of these phone calls except it wasnt to pick up on spelling or my awful grammar, it was because The Husband was upset. On my post entitled fathers day I had said "I need to send a card to the husbands dad, I could leave it to the husband but lets face it, it would never happen (I left mothers day to him this year BIG mistake!)He was upset because according to him, I was being unfair. He stated that I never really gave him a chance to remember mothers day this year because I had rung him from the supermarket asking if he had sorted anything out yet (the day before). He also said if I'd just given him the chance he would have done something himself for his mum (have I mentioned his mother lives 100 miles away and he needed to post her a card?)

Anyway, he asked me to post an apology, stating I was wrong, so I am. I unreservedly and publicly apologise for suggesting you were useless at sorting cards and gifts for special occasions.

I'd already bought and written in a card for his dad but I thought I'd leave the rest to him. Obviously he is more than capable of posting a card to reach his dad in time and organising a gift for him. Right?

Just one, small, unimportant question. Why is said card still sat on my kitchen counter this morning?


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