Friday, 21 June 2013


I have come to hate the anxiety that plagues my life. Walking in to a room full of people, even people that I know, can make my heart race, palms sweat, nausiea kicks in and I'm desperately wishing I had access to an invisibility cloak, just so no one could see me. Anxiety isnt just something you can snap out of or make go away, I've become used to the boundaries that it puts in my life and know what is possible and what isn't.

Today I am both gutted and green with envy, If you are part of the blogging world you will know today is the first day of BritMums Live! Hundreds of Bloggers are making their way to London today for the UK's biggest 2 day social media and Blogging event. Some of my favourite Bloggers will be speaking and some of my friends who I've not yet met will be there. I wanted to be there this year, and today I feel so disappointed I wasn't able to overcome the anxiety and find enough coping mechanisms in order to get there.

Next year I will be there. I am going to learn to cope with the anxiety, how to push the boundaries and next year I will be there. I will.


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