Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fathers Day!

How is it that despite having a date underlined and circled on the calender, despite knowing it's coming (it falls in the same month every year, its not hard!) And despite reading other's blogs on the subject and seeing countless pins on Pinterest for the occasion, Fathers day has once again crept up on me and caught me by surprise.

Each year I think next year I'll be more organised and do better and each year I'm not. So once again I'm looking at the calender and panic is setting in. I need to send a card to the husbands dad, I could leave it to the husband but lets face it, it would never happen (I left mothers day to him this year BIG mistake!) I need to find an appropriate card for my dad and find time to get the girls to at least attempt to make a card for the husband.

I've been watching the pins on Pinterest closely and luckily have a few ideas, I've even started creating a board of my own. I have 4 days to come up with 3 fathers day presents to show 3 important men how much we love and care about them, how hard could it be!

I've been tipped off Morrisons have some unbelievably cute Root beer bottles, so tomorrow I am off there and really hoping they haven't sold out. I want to use them as the basis for all 3 gifts.

Come back on Sunday to see how we did!


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