Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Treats #5

I was planning on showing you a blessing cake I did recently, but never got around to Blogging about. Except I forgot to take a photo at the time. I've been hoping to track one down, but the baby's mum and dad are busy making a move to Munich, so when they are more settled and less stressed I'll see if I can get hold of one.

So instead I have a Treat for the Star Wars fans amongst you.

This Cake was made for a little boys 10th birthday and I will admit when I was asked to make a storm trooper cake much to the husbands horror, I had to Google it. I had no idea what a Storm Trooper was, let alone what it looked like!

This cake is actually a lot bigger than it looks here! It was made using a 3 tiered cake and has then been carved into shape. 

The hardest bit was covering it in fondant, I needed a very big thin layer of fondant that kept tearing every time I lifted it. I'll also let you into a little secret, the cake has 2 layers of fondant as I messed up big time on the first layer and couldn't repair it or remove it with out destroying the cake, so I covered it!

I was so pleased with how this cake looks and more importantly the client seemed very happy with it too.

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