Tuesday, 4 June 2013


You may remember just over a week ago I blogged about my lovely pushchair being replaced by the Mothercare Xoob while it was being fixed. I was advised that it was going to take 28 days and was really not looking forward to the next month with the awkward, ugly, dull and frustrating Xoob.

I was shocked and surprised to receive a phone call last Thursday to inform me my pushchair had been fixed and was ready to pick up. Just 6 days (including a bank holiday weekend) after I handed over my Vio and they were saying it was all fixed. 

I'll admit when I went to pick up the Vio I was full of scepticism. I've heard stories from friends and other bloggers of pushchairs coming back not fixed and  mothercare keeping them for much much longer than the 28 days, or even not being in store when I went to pick it up. I wasn't convinced at all that my pushchair was going to be ready just 3 working days later.

I am so very happy to report I was wrong! My flame red Vio was waiting for me, it has brand new shiny wheels, the frame has been fixed and has had a full service and is practically as good as new. I have been beyond impressed by the service of Mothercare and could not fault the attitudes and dedication of the staff in our local store, especially when we found the initial Xoob was broken (I had planned on blogging about it but they were too quick fixing the Vio I didn't get a chance). 

After working in retail management for many years and bearing the brunt of many unhappy customers and complaints I think its important to also let companies know when they get it right, so thank you Mothercare for such fantastic service and being so quick to fix my pushchair.


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