Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Kitchen

I love my kitchen, it really is the heart of our home. Its where I cook the family meals and where we eat together as a family. It's where the girls sit and colour, paint, or play, where the girls and I bake together and where you can often find the husband and I at the end of the day chatting while he finishes a report. Its where I do the family's washing, where clothes are dried on racks and in the tumble dryer. Its where the girls dump shoes, sun hats, coats etc as they run in from playing and where they bring me stones, snails and other insects they find in the garden. My kitchen is where purchases get dumped when we get home from shopping while they wait for me to sort them. It's where I do most of my blogging and its where most of the chaos and mess in the house happens.

My kitchen is now also the centre of my business. Running a food business from home means my domestic kitchen that does all those things is now held to the same standard as a commercial kitchen. Its subject to the same spot checks by the food standards agency, the only difference is I get around 24 hours notice, a full commercial kitchen doesn't.

We knew with the CFS/ME re-opening the business was going to be hard, I remember the stress of the kitchen inspections, clean just doesn't feel clean enough, not when someone else is scrutinising your hygiene standards and cleaning methods. One of my main concerns has been about being ready at all times for an order or an inspection. I don't have the energy, like I did before to clear all surfaces and then scrub the kitchen spotless before embarking on making and decorating that special cake for someone.

So, our kitchen is going through some changes at the moment, I'm shuffling cupboards around, moving things that have lived on the counters and un-boxing decorating equipment I haven't used in a really long time. Re arranging the kitchen is a job that's needed doing anyway, its been very neglected since we moved in, it just kept being moved to the bottom of the pile as other rooms just seemed more important. It was good to have an excuse to finally get around t doing it, and I'm loving the results. There's a few more bits and pieces that need buying to finish off and make it feel lik ou home still, but I feel confident we've found the balance between a domestic and commercial kitchen.

Now all I have to do is wait for the inspectors call!


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