Thursday, 27 June 2013

Social Media

I'm not very good at social media, there is so many outlets its hard to keep up with them all. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest, Google+ and many many others I'm sure. Social media is a big part of blogging and the blogging community and I've realised I need to be more involved. Especially if I'm going to attend Britmums Live in 2014, I need to be able to recognise more than just 2 people!

So, Facebook I'm not too bad at, I love Pintrest and use it almost everyday, I don't understand Instragram and, if I'm honest Google+ scares me (I have no idea why!). So that leaves Twitter, these next few weeks I am going to try and be more present on twitter, join in more conversations, even when I think 'that person wont be interested in what I have to say, I'll just stay quiet!'. And I'm going to attempt to start more conversations.

Please follow me @CakesKids, say hello and help me navigate the confusing world of twitter. Please?

If you want see what I get up to on social media sites I actually understand, you can hop over to Facebook or jump on over to Pinterest.

Picture taken from Google Images


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