Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bedtime antics

Wot So Funee?After taking a very short blogging break (did you miss me? You didn't even notice did you!) I'm back today linking up once again with Helen at Actually Mummy for this week's Wot So Funny.

Big Girl is pretty much a pro at this potty training thing, we have very few accidents in the day, but we are yet to crack night times. I'm not worried she's only 2 and it's what pull ups were designed for!

Before I put the girls to bed at night I make sure Big Girl has been on the potty, but inevitably 10 minutes after putting her to bed there is a shout of 'Mummy, I need a wee' followed by my reply of 'potty is in the bathroom, straight back to bed after'.

Baby Girl has been watching this for many weeks now and has obviously cottoned on to the fact that after shouting this she is allowed to get out of bed and leave the room, then reappears some time later with me tucking her back in. 

This week baby girl must have felt this was all a little unfair and decided she wanted to join in too. After putting them to bed and allowing Big Girl to go to the toilet like normal, baby girl stood up in her cot and started shouting 'wee wee wee wee'. Her shouts got angrier and angrier as she realised no one was coming to let her out! My poor Baby Girl just wants to be the same as her sister

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