Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dont lose me!

If you use Google Reader to view and read the blogs you love there is a good chance you know that, from yesterday, Google reader is no more.

If you want to keep following my blog there are many ways you can still do that with out Google reader.

  • Follow my Facebook page where I link each post and sometimes even give an insight to our lives through status updates and pictures. 
  • You can always follow me on Twitter where as well as linking blog posts. I also post inane ramblings, re-tweet tweets that make me smile, laugh, cry or just think and try (really hard) not to argue with people that have differing opinions to mine.
  • Then there is Pintrest, where you can see cakes that I love, quotes that inspire me and things that I would love to have in my home.
  • Finally there is Instragram and Google+ where I promise some point in the future I will start making more of an effort with, but right now its just not happening!

If you would rather keep all your blogs in one place, a lot like Google reader, check out bloglovin, where you can also follow me and many other of your favourite blogs!

There are lots of ways to keep up to date with us here despite the demise of Google reader, I hope to see some of you popping up in these places soon.


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