Thursday, 18 July 2013

Friday Treat, My Wedding Cake

This weeks Friday Treat is a little bit different, for a start its only Thursday, but I have something a little bit special planned for tomorrow so we're going to pretend today is Friday!

This week I'm showcasing a cake that wasn't actually made by me. Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary, so this week I thought I'd talk about my wedding cake.

As much as I loved my wedding cake, its not what I wanted and, most of the reason I started cake decorating in the first place. What I wanted was a layer of white chocolate and a mixture of white and chocolate roses around the cake with a posy of white and chocolate roses on top, but this was the closest we could get at the time!

We got this one from Marks & Spencer's and we had to put it together ourselves. I had never stacked a cake before and had no idea how the roses were meant to line up. I think its pretty obvious now, the top layer wasn't lined up properly, but at the time I just couldn't work it out!

Looking at this cake fills me with sadness as there is so much that wasn't right, but there is also a lot of fondness, without this I wouldn't have discovered the talent I have and I wouldn't be running a business I love!


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