Friday, 19 July 2013

Happily Ever After?

Today is our wedding anniversary, 5 years since I walked down the isle and married The Husband and just under 6 years sine we met (quick? no!) The past 5 years have been full of laughter and tears, happy moments and sad moments, pregnancies, miscarriages and births. House moves, holidays and stress. moments where I want to kill him, and moments where I love him that little bit more. Through everything and despite all odds we have stayed together.

In some romantic gesture The Husband wrote a blog post and asked if I would post it today. Clearly these days he thinks the way to my heart is through my blog!

Enjoy his trip down memory lane.

I always find it quite ironic that one of the most important and amazing days of my life, was at the same time so busy and manic that, whilst certainly being a very memorable day, is one of which I have a depressingly limited number of specific memories.

Don't get me wrong though, I am not saying that 19 July 2008 is a black hole in the recollections of my life.  I remember it being an absolutely incredible day, one that has shaped every day since.  Its not the details that I remember though, its the feelings.  My memories of my wedding day revolve around the various sentiments that I experienced on that day.

Let me begin with waking up. Whilst having always been a morning person (until my daughters decided that morning begins around 5 o'clock that is), I have never had a problem sleeping in.  Five years ago however I don't think that I actually woke up as such, rather I came to the realisation that I was already awake and staring at the ceiling above me whilst experiencing a severe feeling of anxiety.  It may be traditional for brides to be late for their weddings, but that doesn't stop the groom from wondering at what point an overly long make-up session becomes cold feet and at what point cold fees becomes an outright change of mind.  The anxiety continued throughout the morning as I got dressed, made my way to the church, and then waited.  I firmly believe that if you want to disprove the idea that time is constant, you need look no further than the front row of a church before a bride arrives for a wedding.

Thankfully, there arrived the solution to my anxiety, I was told that my wife had arrived at the church and, more importantly, she was still planning to marry me. YES!!  I stood up and turned to face down the aisle and saw what can only be described at the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen.  I was absolutely gobsmacked.  How had I, very much an ordinary man, managed to convince someone so stunning to spend the rest of their life with me.  I was humbled, realising that I really was the luckiest man to ever live.  (For all those out their feeling that they are in fact the luckiest person, I'm sorry but you're quite simply wrong!).

After the wedding itself, things got a little more hectic as we moved on to the reception. Trying to find the time to speak to everyone who had come along was impossible.  Then their was the mammoth task of ensuring that I thanked everyone who had helped us in one way or another.  I really don't understand why that all falls on the new husband.  Surely in this age of equality the wife should have to give a speech too.  It was all more than slightly manic and overwhelming.

Eventually the day was over though.  The guests had been dispatched and family members had gone their own way.  I was married and couldn't be happier.

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