Friday, 12 July 2013

If you only had 25 words

Yesterday Emily, from Emily Beale Photography Blogged about a story she had heard.

It was about a man who was shot down over Vietnam in the 1960's he was captured and after over 2 years was allowed to write home to his family. Not knowing if he would ever see them again, he began to pen his message. There was just 1 catch, It had to be no more than 25 words.

The words he chose were 'These things are important, eternal marriage, mission, college. Press on, set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year' 

Emily spoke of the words she would write and the reasons behind them, and it got me thinking. What words would I want to send my family?

After much thought I finally settled on this,

Make and Keep your Covenants. Find Your Happiness. Know You Are Important. I Will Always Love You, No Matter What

When I first heard the story and saw that he had only used 19 words I was shocked, surely there is more he would want to say. He had 6 precious words left to use, so much can be said in 6 words, why didn't he use them? You can see above, I've used just 20 words. There is so much more I want to say, so much I could say. I want them to know about their worth, happiness, life and love, but I just couldn't find 5 more words to express this any more than I had already done. I felt that I'd said what I needed to say and I was done!

Make and Keep your Covenants Other than having a little badge over on the left, I don't often talk about religion and beliefs on my blog, but this is my way of telling my children the church is important to me. I want them to always keep it in their hearts and be the best people and the best Christians they can be.

Find Your Happiness Happiness can be found in so many ways, but ultimately it comes from within. Material things do not make you truly happy, the choices you make and the path you choose in life makes you happy, this is something I always want my girls to know.

Know You Are Important Life can often throw situations and people at us that can dent our self worth and make us feel worthless and useless. I always want my girls to know they are important both to me and to life. No one can take that worth from them. 

Know I will love you, no matter what I would want my girls to know where ever life takes them, what ever decisions they make, what ever situations they find themselves in I will always love them. Even if I don't agree with the choices they make I will always love and support them. That message is the most important message I want my girls to take away with them, and the reason I spent 8 precious words on it!

What would your 25 words be?

Hop on over to see what Lucy, from Lou's Leafs, 25 words would be.


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