Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Best Family Places to Visit This Summer - A Guest Post

Today's Post comes from Galt Toys, Its a guest post and all views and opinions expressed comes from the author. Galt have been manufacturing children's toys for over 175 years so they know a thing or two about learning and having fun.

The summer holidays are fading away with little more than a week left, and chances are you are absolutely exhausted from trying to fill the days. There is only so much time you can spend at the park, the beach and at the swimming pool! Looking for some fun days out to fill in the last few days and make the most of the little time you have left together before school resumes? We have some top suggestions for you that is guaranteed to impress even the sulkiest children!

Harry Potter Studio Tour
Did your kids LOVE Harry Potter? Get them down to the studio tour so they can experience the magic themselves. Staff in Hogwarts uniform will guide you through where one of the most successful children’s book series of all time was transformed into some of the most exciting films they will ever have seen. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge popped in for a visit, so it must appeal to adults too! Tickets can be booked online and special events run from time to time so take a look at what’s on before booking.

Alton Towers
As one of the most popular theme parks in the UK, Alton Towers certainly isn’t one to miss. There are scary full throttle high speed rides for the daredevil inside, as well as the traditional teacup rides and play areas for children. Plenty of places to eat and drink are scattered around the park and there are souvenir shops and also lots of opportunities to buy photographs of you all while on the rides. Lots of offers on entry are available, such as two-for-one coupons and online discounts, so check these out.

SEA LIFE aquariums
SEA LIFE aquariums have over 40 locations around the UK which play host to a massive range of animals and fish found in the oceans of the world. From beautiful tropical fish to scary sharks and even the odd sea lion, they set to impress and delight every member of the family with the wonders of the ocean. Lots of things to learn and interact with can be found here!

A Traditional Picnic
Fancying a day out doing something a little bit traditional, going back to basics? Nab a Frisbee, a football and a picnic blanket and take your brood to the local national park or even just a random field and set yourselves up with a picnic. You can lounge in the sun while the children run, play, discover, learn and eat. If you want a day out on a budget that allows for some quality family bonding time then this is for you. Take some toys and games for the youngest children so they will be occupied too.

Local Gems
Sometimes, there are some fab local activities you didn’t even know existed. Have a look in the free papers, check out advertisements that come through the door or search online to see what other hidden gems are on your doorstep. For example, Ceramic Creations in Newcastle-upon-Tyne offers a soft play, a cafĂ©, and the opportunity for your children to make their own ceramic work of art.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, whatever you choose to do! Kids aren’t kids for long and we have to make the most of the fun times we have together.

There are some great suggestions here for making the most out of the last few days of the summer holidays with the kids, for more great advice and suggestions from Galt, hop on over to their blog to see what's on offer!


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