Monday, 19 August 2013

Camping with toddlers?

Have I mentioned how much I hate camping? This trip seems to have snuck up on me, and although I knew it was coming, I didn't realise it was this Friday!

When I printed off my fail safe camping check list, a list I've put together over the years of everything I could possibly ever need for a weekend of camping, I realised its a really, really long time since we went camping! I have items on there from when the girls were still babies such as bottles, milk and nappies for Big Girl and a baby carrier, bibs and muslins for baby girl.

Reading through these lists is making me very broody, remembering the days when I had a newborn and always had a muslin in my hand. The days where I would sit and stare at my baby for hours while she fed and cuddle her to sleep. Then I remember. I remember why we got through 10 muslins, 4 changes of clothes and many many more bibs a day. I remember why I sat for hours cuddling my babies to sleep, I wasn't cuddling them to sleep, I was comforting them from the chronic pain they were feeling. I remember the milk intolerances, the reflux and colic the piles of never ending washing (to be fair, they're still around!). I remember my perfume being over powered by the stench of baby sick, suddenly the broodiness evaporates and I'm grateful for where we are right now.

Plus it means many of the items on the list camping check list aren't needed any more, freeing up space in the car, and that's never a bad thing! I think its time to write a new check list, out with the baby things and in with the toddler fun!

And camping with 2 toddlers is much easier tan camping with 2 babies...right? Right?


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