Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Camping a Wot so Funee

I was thinking about this weeks Wot so Funee, and there have been so many funny moments this week its hard to choose just one.

For example on Monday morning I told Big Girl we were going home, after staying the weekend in a tent, and she got very confused and told me we were home, we lived in the tent now. Or I could tell you about how she told me the fire was a little dangerous, and we had to use a stick to stay safe (we were toasting marshmallows). Or I could tell you about Baby Girls tantrums every morning because she didn't want to wear any shoes and a similar tantrum every evening because she didn't want to take them off. Then there was when we were trying to put them to bed and the other children were playing around the tent and shouted, 'come on, lets go', and both girls jumped up saying 'ok!' (That was hard to explain they had to go to bed and the kids weren't talking to them!)

So instead I'm just going to tell you between the sleep deprivation from not getting an awful lot of sleep and the general funnyness of having 2 toddlers around, it has been a very funny weekend and I'm going to leave you with a few photos.

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