Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chalk fun!

Earlier this week my parents dropped off Little Bro and Little Sis and disappeared off to Nottingham for a couple of days.

I had a cake order I was behind on, and 4 very energetic, over excited children to entertain. After a light bulb moment (mainly remembering how my mum kept my brothers and sisters entertained when we were similar ages) I opened the back door handed them a tub of chalk and told them to draw.

Initially Little Bro was confused and asked 'on what? We've got no paper' 'On anything!' I told him. He looked at me nervously and asked 'Anything?' 'Yep anything' I showed him he could draw on the walls, the floor the fence, the plant pots, anything, and explained it really didn't matter as the rain would wash it all away after.

They all had great fun drawing and it kept them occupied long enough to allow me to catch up with the cake, then I headed out side to join in the fun.

Who knew a tub of chalk and a garden could keep 4 kids entertained for over 3 hours!


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