Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Curtain Shopping

6 months ago we moved into our house and every night since, after I've put the girls to bed, I sit down and think, 'I really need to get some curtains for the living room!'

This week I finally decided, today's the day, its time to do some curtain shopping. I'm fed up of the room being so unfinished so, after making sure Big girl had been to the toilet and we had everything we could possibly need for an afternoon around the shops, I put both girls in the car and off we went.

I parked up and a little voice said from the back seat, 'Mummy, I'm wet' with a deep sigh I realised I had forgotten a change of clothes so off we trotted into Sainsbury to buy some new pants and trousers for Big Girl so she didn't have to stay in her wet ones for the afternoon.

Changed and dry again we started walking around the shops, as we were leaving Homebase, Baby Girl tripped over her own feet and fell, biting through her top lip as her face hit the floor. 1 ice pack, a lot of blood, some very loud screaming and attempting to juggle one crying toddler and a fractious bored toddler later and baby girl was smiling again (albeit a swollen red and sore smile).

Exhausted and empty handed, 2 of us covered in blood and with 2 very grumpy children I decided, we'd had enough. It was time to head home. Maybe in another 6 months I may gather the courage to shop for curtains again, or maybe I should just take a look online!

Saying 'cheese!'

Showing me where it hurts

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