Monday, 26 August 2013

The little things in life...

If you've been following my blog this last week you may have seen my last few posts about camping, we are now back from our camping trip and I am so grateful to be home!

We had so much fun with family and friends, but I love my home comforts. Camping every now and then teaches me to be just that little bit grateful for the everyday things I take for granted. Like having hot and cold water on tap, central heating and a non draughty home. A separate bedroom for the girls and a wall bigger than a sheet to separate everyone, a comfortable bed and duvet to keep us warm at night and easy cooking facilities.

Whilst I was so happy to get home today to have a hot shower and sit on the comfortable sofa, I was also grateful for the break camping had bought. We had no phone signal and no WiFi, which has meant 4 days of no Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or blogging. I get so bogged down in the virtual world working on the blog and networking on the networks, it was great to have an enforced break to literally not be able to log on, to spend time with family and friends and also getting to know new friends. It was great to just be present with my little family talking, listening and having fun.

Camping this weekend really had been one long magic moment, so I'm linking up with The Oliver's Mad House and Magic Moments


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