Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Student Again!

I've been struggling to blog this week, (there are many reasons all of which will be explained in time, just not today!) But today I find myself strangely drawn to the blog. Maybe its because as of this week I'm officially a student again and like many other big occasions I like to document it on the blog.

Or maybe its because I'm surrounded by textbooks, note books, my iPhone (part of my course is audible and in my iTunes!) pencils and pens and its just bringing back a lot of memories. Memories from school and college. I remember how badly I did and how I sabotaged myself, I didn't believe I was any good so I didn't try, I didn't do my best and unsurprisingly didn't come out with great marks. I re-took the 1st year of collage and ended up dropping out.

I'm reminding myself I'm not that same person anymore, yet there is still that doubt in the back of my mind. I'm not good enough, I cant do this, might as well back out now. I'm determined to shake these demons off and do well for me, not for anyone else or any career, just to say that I did it, I passed, I succeeded.


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