Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cake Plops - A Guest Post

Today's Guest post comes from Laura. Laura is a crazy sleep deprived mummy to 2 boys, 3 year old O who is 'free spirited' aka wild child and 8 month old baby L, who is her calm boy...for now anyway! Laura juggles her way through life as a working mum, wife, general dogs body and blogger. She blogs over at Mummy to Boyz, life is hectic but fun and some days the only way to wind down is with a soco and lemonade or a night on google.

Cake Plops

Now I consider myself to be a bit of a tryer when it comes to cakey bakey things and it usually works out for the best. I will spend a lot of time and effort if I can be motivated usually a kids party or a special event for a friend or work colleague (I blame my parents for being so good with us as kids.) I love any kind of special event and love seeing and making children smile so for my sins I decided to host a toddlers halloween party.

Every good childrens party needs good cakes right? I decided to do something different to the norm and make cake pops for the first time. A quick google search and velvet cake pops were born. This is a chocolate sponge with red food colouring added to make the cake red you basically just crumble the cake into small pieces once its cooled. You then add frosting to the cake crumbs, I used the ready made betty crocker's chocolate fudge as I don't like making butter icing after a bad experience with icing sugar going everywhere including all over my new laptop. Little tip if that ever happens to you do NOT use a damp cloth to wipe away the icing sugar it will result in a glace iced keyboard!

Add little bits of frosting to the crumbs and mix until you can form small balls - not too big they are meant to be bite size not cupcakes.

Put the rolled balls onto a plate covered in cling film and place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to firm up.

All the recipes I found said to use candy melts for this next bit but I didn't have any so used chocolate fountain chocolate instead. It melts really easily and stays running for ages so for me it was perfect! Now I will let you in on the secret which isn't in any normal cake pop recipe if you mix this point your cake pops will be cake plops! I may have had a batch of cake plops and let me tell you it is sooo frustrating!

Dip your lolly sticks about 1 cm into the chocolate then push the chocolate end into the semi frozen cake ball, put these into the fridge for a few minutes to harden the chocolate end. This is the cake plop stopper.

You can then either dip the cake balls into the chocolate and decorate as you wish or you could use jam on the balls and roll coloured icing round the outside to make different designs.

Here are the only remaining cake plops from my first attempt at Halloween, yes only 7 survived from about 40, we also had cake bought cakes.

I had improved my technique with the little tip above in time for O's Curious George birthday cake pops, these were dipped in chocolate fountain chocolate and then I used a pale brown icing for the face and icing pens for the eyes and mouths.

These are great fun but do take a lot of time and effort so I have decided it will have to be an extra special occasion before I brave them again. Oh hang on I was given that card from Kraft at the new forest show on how to make no bake cake pops with philly and Oero biscuits that would make a great rainy day activity. I will never learn, as I said I'm a tryer.


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