Monday, 2 September 2013

Charity Shops & Me

I'm not really a charity shop or 'vintage' kind of person. I never have been. Charity shops are so badly laid out walking in and being faced with rails of jumble and shelves of tat that no one actually wants makes me just want to walk out of the building as fast as possible!

When friends of mine started talking about 'charity shop shopping' like it was an enjoyable past time, I secretly thought they were mad. its safe to say for as long as I can remember I've avoided charity shops like the plague.

However, I recently decided to undertake a project of decorating my dining room on a very small budget (blog post coming soon!) With a lot of work needed on the room and little options, I realised I was going to have to brave some charity shops. I took The Husband along with me, partly to stop me walking straight out of the shops and mostly to look after the girls so I could look properly for what I wanted.

We headed off to Winscombe, where the PDSA have an Aladdin's cave of bric-a-brac. I was in awe looking around the shop and I came away a few glass vases and unbelievably the husband had to restrain me from buying many more pretty things I didn't need - brandy jars anyone?

I had to go to an appointment in Nailsea in the afternoon, so I thought I'd try some of the charity shops there. I was amazed when we walked in to the St Peter's Hospice shop. It was like a real boutique shop. Items were laid out in size and colour co-ordination. everything was decent quality and really decent prices too. I really enjoyed browsing and came away from with a really cute bowl we're using as a fruit bowl for the kitchen.

After that trip I was converted, and I'm actually really looking forward too discovering some more great charity shops worth looking around.


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