Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dummy Diaries, Day 10

I gave in, I haven't yet told The Husband but I gave in. Baby Girl woke suddenly from a nap and was having a full kicking throwing herself around temper tantrum. She didn't want me, she didn't want Nunny or any of her other toys that have been calming her down, all she wanted was dummy. I felt bad. I watched my 1 year old scream for her dummy and I gave in. I handed it too her and walked away.

Now I'm sat on the sofa eating a whole packet of hobnobs and drinking hot chocolate and feeling guilty. I should have binned them like I said I was going to, but I didn't, I put them in the cupboard 'just in case'. It hasn't solved the problem, shes still in her cot screaming. I wish I knew why she was screaming. Over the past week she has been a clingy little banshee monster. Nothing I do is right, nothing is good enough for her. if I pick her up she wants to be put down if I put her down she wants to be picked up. She is just not happy.

I gave in. On day 10 I gave in and Baby Girl got her dummy back. I think that makes me a failure as a parent.


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