Monday, 16 September 2013

Dummy Diaries

Usually when we go away I like to keep things as close to home life as possible and we keep a similar routine to our day time one, exactly the same bed time routine with their blankets, comforters, dummies and 1 toy from their beds. Normally for us, this works really well and everyone is happy, but as I thought about coming away this time we made a big decision. There would be no dummies!

We prepared a few days before the holiday by telling both girls that we weren't allowed to have dummies in the caravan, Big girl seemed to understand although she was sad about the idea of not having her dummy. Baby girl didn't understand so much, so we explained that we were going to be saying good bye to dummy, she got that because the few days before we left she seemed less attached to it, and was happy to wave good bye during the day time.

Day 1
Before we left the house on Saturday morning we again explained to the girls we weren't allowed to take the dummies to the caravan. They happily gave them up and big girl decided they needed to put them in their beds for when they got home, after which The husband swiftly whipped them away when they weren't looking! As we left I glanced at the kitchen side where there were 4 very chewed dummies and I thought about picking 2 up ‘just in case’ but I didn't, I stayed strong and we have no dummies with us. At bed time Big Girl was fairly good, there were a few times she got out of bed asking for a drink or needing the toilet, I was expecting that. Lately this has become our routine, getting out of bed many times just for our attention, but she didn't once ask for her dummy and within an hour was fast asleep.

Baby Girl was just as good. The other big change for her was being in a big girl bed rather than a cot. Each time big girl got out of bed so did she, it’s a novelty for her being able to get in and out of bed by herself! Once big girl had fallen asleep she stopped getting out of bed and cried for her dd. Not surprising as this is the first time we've attempted to take away her dummy. However within 20 minutes, and by 9pm both girls were fast asleep, without their dummies.

I was nervous about the night, the girls still wake up during the night and the night time wakings have been our down fall in the past, giving in just so everyone gets a good night’s sleep. I was shocked when Big girl slept till 6am and baby girl woke at 4.30, but all she asked for was cuggles.
I’m nervous about day 2; day 1 just seems to have gone too well!

Day 2
Today Baby girl went down for a nap and after 5 minutes she was fast asleep, I was shocked and hopeful for tonight. Shockingly at bed time both girls were fast asleep after 30 minutes, I feel this is all a little too easy and they are just biding their time, waiting for a full scale tantrum because they can’t have their dummies!
At 3.30am the full scale tantrum came, from Baby girl anyway. She has a few teeth on the move and has been using her dummy to chew on. She was in pain, half asleep and wanting her dummy. There was no reasoning with her, she wanted her dummy and was going to scream the caravan down until she got one. She woke up her sister who joined in the chorus, however we stayed strong (mainly because we didn't have a dummy to give them and a lack of 24 hour shops meant we couldn't just go and get one) Finally by 5 am both girls were back to sleep. They’d kicked us out of our bed, but they were sleeping little angels. I’m not looking forward to day 3!

Day 3
Tonight was surprisingly easy! Although not having a dummy is proving a problem for me, suddenly I don’t know what to do when they cry in the middle of the night. Normally I stumble into their rooms locate the dummy and place it back in their mouths before stumbling my way back to bed. Now I’m walking into their rooms and don’t quite know what to do once I’m there! Thankfully no middle of the night tantrums tonight although there were a few falling out of bed incidents, now I know why Baby Girl is still in a cot at home.

Day 4
They have both asked for their dummies a few times today, but have accepted they can’t have them, they are going to bed relatively incident free, getting out of bed a few times in protest of bed time, but other than that they've both been very, very good. I’m surprised the lack of dummy is also affecting their attachments to their bed time comforters, Monkey and Nunnie. Until this week they have both been very attached to them but neither of them are very bothered at the moment, although Big Girl has said she doesn't want it back until she goes home and can have her dummy with it!

Day 8

This is the day I've been dreading the most. We’re back at home and normal bedtime routines are resuming. They have both asked and looked for their dummies, but seem happy at the explanation I've been giving (they’re gone! You didn't need them so the dummy fairy came and took them while you were away!) Although Big Girl got out of bed many, many times tonight, they went to bed within 30 minutes. I think I can say they are officially dummy free! 


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