Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kids capture the colour

A few weeks ago the people at TravelSupermarket sent us a camera so we could join in the Kids Capture the Colour competition. Big Girl has been so excited about this competition and has been taking photos of practically everything she sees. The camera has almost literally been glued to her hands.

After much deliberation and discussion we have chosen the following pictures to enter.

In the blue category we chose this beautiful picture of The husband and Grandpa walking towards a Light House we came accross on a beach in North Wales.

In the Green category is a picture of her and Baby Girl snuggled under a blanket in our caravan early in the morning. 

In the yellow catergory she chose a picture of a catepiller she found whilst out walking with Grandpa.

In the white category she chose a picture of a double rainbow she took whilst we were leaving our house one day. I am aware there isn't a lot of white in this photo, but she insisted clouds were white and there are lots of clouds behind the rainbow and who am I to argue with 2 year old's logic!

The last picture is for the red category and is off a giant parachute we played with whilst at the park.

I think shes done a really good job and am very proud of her for taking and choosing the photos. 


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