Friday, 13 September 2013

Pig Cupcakes - A Friday Treat

Today we have a very special Friday treat. It comes from Ann Pickard a professional Cake decorator, author and demonstrator in Weston-Super-Mare. She has been decorating cakes commercially for more than 25 years. Using sugarpaste she decorates wedding and celebration cakes for all occasions. She also writes books and because her novelty style is really appealing to children shes written a new series of booklets with them in mind. The Cupcakes and Cards booklets are full of ideas for children (and beginners) with easy steps to make cupcakes and matching cards. This guest post shows you how to make one of the cupcake and card combinations from my Animals book, which is available to buy on in the books section of my website

Making cupcakes is great fun; children love mixing and measuring ingredients (and getting messy too!). You can have loads of fun decorating your cupcakes as well.

The brilliant thing is, they are also learning without even knowing it; to weigh and measure, guesstimate, understand time, blending colours, and proportions – so many skills in this fun activity.

Here is an easy recipe that makes about 10 cupcakes and some fun decorating ideas to enjoy with your kids.

You Will Need

Cupcake Ingredients: 115g butter, 115g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 140g self-raising flour, 1-teaspoon vanilla essence. Cupcake cases. Bit of apricot jam.

Sugarpaste: In most supermarkets you can buy Dr Oetker sugarpaste in small packets containing 4 different colours – and this is perfect for decorating your cupcakes.

Making your cupcakes is easy.

1. Preheat the oven 180C
2. Put cases in the cake tin
3. Beat the sugar and butter together until smooth
4. Add the vanilla essence and eggs and beat well
5. Add the flour and mix – if it’s a bit too wet add a little milk.
6. Spoon the mixture into the paper cakes and bake for 15-20 minutes.
7. Allow to cool.

Now you are ready to decorate!

Let’s Make A Pig Cupcake

REMEMBER: Sugarpaste can get very sticky. So don’t roll it around in your hands too much. If you want to store it for another put in a sealable thick polythene bag (like Zip-Lock) and keep it cool. NOT IN THE FRIDGE!

Cover your cupcake with a circle of sugarpaste - brush your cupcake with the apricot jam and press the sugarpaste disc on top. You can also top them with buttercream (be warned this gets very messy!!)

1. Using pink sugarpaste (remember if you have white and red you can mix them together to make pink). Roll a ball between you hands - like the boy in the photo. Then squash it onto the cake for the body.
2. Add a smaller squashed ball for the head
3. Add a small squashed ball for the pig’s nose – low on the face
4. Push 2 great big holes into his nose using the end of a paintbrush or a clean pencil.
5. Make two ears by creating two small flat circles, and then you pinch them together. Here’s a little picture to help you see what to do.

6. Stick the ears onto the pig with the point upward, and then bend them over. (If they don’t stick you can brush a tiny bit of water onto each ear to help.
7. Add two round balls for his feet.
8. Mark some eyes.

Using exactly the same method you could make models out of anything – Playdoh, plasticine. You can even use air-drying clay (e.g. Fimo) to make and decorate a pig card like this one!

Why not make a batch of animal cupcakes - try some different animals like these!

If you want to be a bit more adventurous you can make a pig model like these. I show you how in my free tutorial, just follow this link


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