Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Little Things in Life 01/09/13

Last Monday I posted about the little things in life, the things that I was grateful for after a weekend of camping. It got me thinking, do I really have to go camping to realise the little things in life I am grateful for?

This week I am grateful for...

My home, after living out of a tent for 4 days I'm very grateful for my 4 brick walls and a roof, comfortable beds and electricity. But I think that one was a given!

My washing machine, coming back from our camping trip I had bags and bags of washing. I was very grateful I had a washing machine I could throw everything in and take it out again an hour later all fresh and clean

My slow cooker. I've not been so good this week. I've been nowhere near as bad as the bad days I was having a few months ago but still been having some pretty competitive bad days. Being able to throw some ingredients into the slow cooker and at 5pm have a meal ready to feed my children has been a real life saver.


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