Thursday, 5 September 2013

This time, no giving in, no backing out

Back in April I blogged about getting rid of Big Girls dummy. We did really well for the first couple of days, but what I didn't bank on was her being very very sneaky. She stole one of Baby Girls dummy's and after we had put her to bed would put it in her mouth. As time went on, and we realised she was still having the dummy, the dummy has once again crept into every day use and is in her mouth constantly. I HATE it. So that's it, this weekend, whilst spending time with our in-laws both girls will be loosing their dummies.

I've explained to them that the caravan we are staying in doesn't allow dummies so they will have to stay at home. So far both girls seem quite happy with it. Baby girl doesn't really understand but she isn't as attached to her dummy, she's a take it or leave it type of dummy sucker. Big Girl seems quite happy with the idea of leaving them at home, but then I've seen how sneaky Big Girl can be when her dummy is concerned!


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