Saturday, 14 September 2013

Totally Inappropriate

Today's guest post comes from Victoria. Victoria is a forty something Mum of one who blogs as Verily Victoria Vocalises. Her blog has made the final of both the BIBs and MAD Blog Awards this year and she is co-editor of the poetry and prose round-up over on the BritMums site as well as running two successful linkys every week. I am completely honoured she has agreed to guest post for me today. 

I am extremely careful not swear around Grace. I also have to make sure I monitor Ross too but he is pretty good as well - and we tend to pick the other one up on our language!

Over the last weekend of the holidays Grace and I went off into town and were in Co-Op when a young woman with a shopping trolley and a beautiful little girl in the seat pushed in front of me to get to the till. I didn't say anything, I couldn't be bothered - there are more things in life to worry about. The young woman was holding onto a cigarette and was obviously in a hurry. She wanted to buy a lighter. I thought nothing more of her apart from the fact that I thought her daughter had wonderfully curly blonde hair and looked like a doll.

Grace and I walked back the car laden with shopping when we came across the same young woman. The site was not a pretty one. A man, who I can only deduce was her boyfriend, was completely and utterly laying into her for the fact that she was not in the right place for him to pick her up. But worse than that, he swearing REALLY badly at her, calling her an effin' wh*re, in fact every other word was the f word. She was shouting back at him but it was that poor little girl I felt sorry for.

As I walked past I turned and said that I would appreciate it if they didn't use such awful language in front of my daughter. All I got in return was a 'shut up you effin' bitch' off of the woman!

As we walked back to the car, Grace turned to me and said 'Poor little girl, I don't want her to grow up like that'. Thank goodness my daughter is being set the right example. 

I can't believe just how bad people's language has become and how people think it is acceptable to act like this - especially in public. And what about these children?  This is no example to be setting as a parent. Surely it's totally inappropriate.

What do you think? Was I right to say something in front of Grace? What would you have done?


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