Tuesday, 3 September 2013

When children go quiet

I know that if my children are quiet, it means they're creating destruction somewhere. I know this from experience yet last week when I had lots of work to do and my children went quiet rather than jumping up instantly to see what they were up to, I thought 'great, they're drawing nicely together, I can get some work done!' They were in the same room as me, what could possibly go wrong?

I'm sure for some of that time they were drawing nicely together, I'm sure they really enjoyed drawing and colouring in pictures I'd printed out for them just so I could get an hour or so to finish off the most urgent tasks. But when I looked up, big girl had run out of paper and rather than ask me for some more, she'd come up with a solution of her very own to her problem. Baby Girl.

I was speechless when I saw what was going on, Baby Girl led on the floor colouring in her pictures while Big Girl coloured in her back. All I could do was laugh. I laughed while Big Girl proudly showed me her new 'tattoos' and while Baby Girl showed the art that had been drawn on her legs and back. We laughed while I ran them a bath and they laughed while I scrubbed all the pen off them in the bath.

I figured there was no point getting angry, it was my fault after all. When a child goes quiet they are up to no good, I kow that, I should have looked up sooner!

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