Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Helping Baby Girl to Walk

Wot So Funee?
I'm sure I've spoken before about how well my girls get on. It's so lovely to see them playing nicely together and looking out for each other, Baby Girl loves to follow and copy her older sister and Big Girl loves having someone to boss around! Then there will be one moment where they don't get on so well, or I'll wonder if Big Girl resents having a younger sister so close in age. Last night there was one of those moments.

As The Husband was getting the bath ready for the girls he heard Baby Girl cry out, he walked out of the bathroom to find Big Girl marching Baby girl along at (plastic toy) knife point. Baby girl looked very distressed and upset. He picked Baby Girl up, and asked Big Girl what she was doing. 

But daddy, came the innocent reply, I was just helping her to walk a little bit!

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