Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Taking Big Girl out in public

Wot So Funee?When did taking Big Girl out in public become so bone crushingly embarrassing? A prime example of this was yesterday at the Dr's surgery. A very old and frail couple were called through to see the Dr and Big Girl pipes up rather loudly 'Its their turn now, they're going to see the Dr because there's a baby in their tummy'

After explaining that not every one is waiting because there is a baby in their tummy she points to a lady who was sat next to us and says 'but she does' luckily the lady in question had a sense of humor and laughed. She then attempted to distract Big girl by talking about her own grandchildren and showing Big Girl her wheelchair.

Unfortunately before long Big Girl was bored of the wheelchair and started wondering round the waiting room. She stopped by an elderly man, turned to me and shouted across the waiting room 'mummy? why is this man so angry?'

Unfortunately this man didn't have a sense of humor.

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