Sunday, 13 October 2013

The small things in life 13/10/13

You may have spotted a Facebook status just over a week ago that said

I'm so completely touched by the act kindness I was on the receiving end of this afternoon from someone I've never spoken to or met before. Its good to know there are some truly amazing god sent angels in this world who just want to do some good.

To explain a little more, after getting into a conversation with a stranger on the internet I received a very generous and unexpected parcel a few days later. The parcel has proved invaluable over the past few weeks as I've come to terms with another pregnancy that (touch wood) hasn't ended yet. It will also be invaluable over the next few weeks and months. I am so very thankful to the lady, her family, their generosity and kindness. I have been bought to tears many times when I think about this person and what she has done for me.

So this week I am grateful for random acts of kindness from strangers and I plan on 'paying it forward' as soon as I find the perfect opportunity.


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