Saturday, 16 November 2013

Aldi Nappies and Wet-wipe review

Back in May 2012, during the fogginess and exhaustion of the newborn days with Baby Girl, I was asked to review Aldi Nappies and wet-wipes.

Baby girl was having regular diarrhoea and life with a newborn and toddler was very stressful and difficult. At the time both of the girls had very sensitive skin and the wet-wipes aggravated that and the nappies didn't contain Baby Girls poo explosions, but then neither did any make of nappy! 

The day I wrote the review I was juggling a newborn on my lap and fighting with a tantruming toddler, I had a deadline to meet and just wanted to get it finished. In hindsight I probably didn't write a particularly fair review as I was so stressed and to be honest just remember that whole time being a dark, difficult and horrible time with 2 babies so young. Earlier this year I was going through my blog posts I found the Aldi review. I really wasn't happy with it, it's not my best work and was clearly written in a rush. Rather than re-writing the review I just pulled it, I put it in my drafts folder meaning to do something with it and just forgot all about it.

This month due to our ever climbing weekly shopping bill we decided that we were going to give Aldi a try and for the last couple of week we have bought everything from Aldi. From shampoo and dishwasher tablets to bread and fruit and when we ran out of nappies this week I realised that I was going to get to try them again as a less exhausted, less stressed and much happier person.

The packs of nappies cost just £4.49 and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the nappies and would definitely rate them better than the Pampers, Huggies and other own brand nappies we have used. We've not had any issues with leaks or splitting and baby girl hasn't seemed to notice the difference.

The girls skin isn't as sensitive as it has been in the past and we have been using the wet-wipes with out any issues. We've been so impressed with the change that we will be trying Aldi newborn nappies for Pop too, in fact we have been so impressed with the quality of all of the Aldi products and the great prices we will be sticking with them for our main weekly shop. 

Disclaimer - back in May 2012 I was sent a packet of nappies and wet-wipes to review from Aldi. I have since pulled that review as I wasn't happy with it. I wasn't under any obligation to write the above and chose to do so because I wanted to. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own and I retain full editorial control over what is written here. 


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