Friday, 1 November 2013

Diarrhoea Dog Poo, A Not So Funee

I started this post on Thursday afternoon, it was going to be my entry for next weeks Wot So Funee. A funny tale about some diarrhoea dog poo some kindly soul left outside my house. the story ended up with it being all over Big girl, the pavement, door step, entrance hall and all over me! But as I was sat in A&E last night with my poorly Baby Girl suddenly I lost all sense of humour about it.

While I was sat in A&E entertaining Baby Girl this blog post popped into my head and I mentioned it to the Dr who found it very interesting. The verdict was it was most likely Baby Girl had some how ingested the dog poo, not enough to make her very sick but enough to giver her a sore throat. enough to give her a very high temperature and high enough to cause a febrile convulsion.

As I was sat in A&E the funny story about the dog poo just made me angry. All the owner had to do was knock on my door and tell me it was there, I could have dealt with it with a bucket of water, but instead they chose to ignore it. They chose to walk away and as a result my baby ended up being blue lighted to Bristol children's hospital and staying most of the night.

One act of irresponsible carelessness caused my baby harm, I'm just thankful it wasn't more serious.

Linking up with Actually mummy and Wot So Funee today, even though its really not!


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