Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Morgan The Monkey

This past few weeks I've been sorting toys, the girls have too many and with Christmas and another birthday coming up in the next few months its time for a good sort out. The girls love helping around the house and were getting really into putting they toys into the 'keep and 'get rid' piles. I explained to them that the 'get rid' pile would go to other children and the 'keep' pile was for the baby. When we got to Morgan, a monkey that both girls have played with since they were newborn, Big Girl looked really concerned.

'What baby is going to have Morgan?' she asked. I explained that it would be for Pop and that all the toys in the keep pile were for Pop. Although she was happy with this answer she looked confused and sat on the floor next to me thinking. Eventually I asked what was wrong 'But Mummy' she exclaimed 'how are we going to get Morgan in your tummy!?'

Wot So Funee?The mind of a toddler amazes me sometimes! I'm still not convinced, despite explaining over and over, she understands Pop is a real baby and is going to come out of my tummy in 5 months, I think it's just too far in the future for her to comprehend.

The minds of teenagers also amaze me, hop on over to Actually Mummy this week to see why her very cold pre teen wouldn't wrap up warm!

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