Friday, 1 November 2013

Nipper Clipper Review

Cutting the girls nails is a night mare in our house full of tears and upsets. In fact it got so bad that my mum took to cutting the girls nails as I just opted out of doing it all together!

It didn't matter what distraction technique was used, the girls would just cry and cry when I got out the nail clippers. When I was told about the Nipper Clipper, designed by Tom Pellereau (famed by The Apprentice) and the free downloadable interactive distraction app I thought, 'why not, I'll give it a go'.

Downloading the app onto my iPhone was really easy and took less than 3 minutes. There are 3 levels for different aged children, Newborn, Vocalising and Speaking. For Baby Girl I went with Vocalising and I was actually really surprised that it kept her attention span so I could cut all 10 of her finger nails. In fact she loved it so much she didn't want to give my phone back to me and happily carried on playing while I wrote out another blog post!

For Big Girl I chose the speaking option, although she found it a little babyish, it did the job it was meant to do and kept her entertained just long enough so I could also cut her nails. She did get bored and wasn't quite sure what she had to do to get the octopus to interact with her in the beginning as there were no instructions for her to follow.

I was really impressed that despite it being a free app (anyone can download it you don't need to buy the Nipper Clipper first) there was no advertising for little fingers to click on accidentally.

The Nipper Clipper themselves came with the nail clippers and a little curved nail file, the clippers are a different shape to the ones that I'm used to and took a little while to get the hang of, but, along with the viewing window it helped make the whole process very quick and easy. I didn't need to use the nail file this time but am confident when I do the app will help to keep the girls distracted long enough to be able to do the job with little fuss.

I'm very sure that the days of tears and upset when I get the nail clippers out are over and I can highly recommend both the app and Nipper Clipper.

As a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, I was sent this product for the purposes of this review and all opinions and thoughts are my own and I retain full editorial control


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