Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pregnancy 14 weeks

My non existent 14 week bump!
This is shaping up to be a very different pregnancy than the others, I cant decide if that's a good thing or not. I've put on no weight and have a very, very small almost unnoticeable bump where as this stage with both girls I'd gone up at least 1 dress size and looked 20 weeks gone.

I've been feeling the baby kick this week, just gentle kicks. I didn't actually believe it was Pop until I had the scan last week and I saw him kicking me and felt it at the same time, he's clearly a very strong baby!

The morning sickness is finally easing off too now, but I'm still feeling sick in the evening. I'm also finding I have a little more energy in the day, I really should be using it to keep up with my uni course and the washing pile that just keeps breeding, but instead I've been enjoying getting out and about with the girls going to the park, shops and generally playing with them. I cant feel guilty if I'm spending time with my girls now can I! ;)

I'm really sad to have to say hello to my crutch again, I've been using it on and off since 10 weeks, just when my joint pain is really bad, but its getting to be every day I need it now. I knew it was coming, I just hoped to hold off a little longer before I had to start using it again. I've also had to say good bye to any shoes with a heel which has made me really sad. I'm clinging on to my wedge boots but know that at some point (very very soon as they are making my back bad) I will have to put them away too until after the baby is born. I definitely envy women who can wear heels throughout pregnancy!

Pop is now around 9cm long and according to this very interesting site the size of a lemon, although I do have to question some of their fruit and veg sizing, obviously I'm shopping in the wrong shops as my navel oranges are usually bigger than my onions! He's weighing around 43g and this week will be growing eyebrows.

Clothes are quickly becoming an issue too, my normal clothes are getting too tight to wear comfortably, but maternity clothes are still too big. I'm hoping in the next week Pop decides to suddenly let the world know he's there and I'll finally be able to find clothes that fit in my wardrobe.


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