Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pregnancy 16 Weeks

I'm so pleased to say that finally at 16 weeks the morning sickness seems to have disappeared! My bump has grown slightly in the past 2 weeks, but as you can see its still tiny meaning I'm still having problems with maternity clothes. The Husband announced this week there is a black tie dinner we need to attend, I normally quite like these things, it gives me a chance to talk to other grown ups and it is usually a nice night out. However this time I'm struggling to muster up the enthusiasm, mainly because I have nothing to wear, quite literally. I'm really struggling to come up with a dress that's nice and doesn't make me look like a sack on account of the missing bump! If anyone knows of a shop that does black tie dresses in maternity, I'd be very grateful for the recommendation.

I'm meeting my community midwife for the first time this week and I'm a little bit scared. So far I've been under the care of the lovely EPAU and consultant teams and I'm worried she wont be as nice. I did meet a community midwife a few weeks back, but I didn't really like her so much so have switched care, now I'm starting to worry that wasn't the best decision (although I know it was!). I'm hoping to get a referal to the physio this week too. I had an open referal in my last area, but since moving haven't got around to sorting it out. The crutch isnt doing much in the way of support at the moment so its time to get more help and advice on exercises I can do.

Pop's movements have been getting more definite and stronger, when he kicks I'm sure its him rather than being left wondering. I got to see him at my consultant appointment last week and he's growing really well, he was doing lots of somersaults and just refusing to stay still. I'm really looking forward to having another scan tomorrow and as I'm now 16 weeks I'm hoping they'll tell me the sex, although I'm not really expecting them too.

So today Pop is around 12cm and the size of an avocado (although I'm still doubting the size of some of those fruit and veg!) Pop's new tricks this week will be yawning for the first time and discovering thumb sucking.

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