Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pregnancy Cravings

Wot So Funee?I've spoken before about how Big Girl loves to be like those around her whether its wanting to wear glasses or helping mummy clean she loves to be just like those she can see.

Just after I found out I was pregnant again, Adam and I explained to the girls there was a little baby growing inside my tummy and they had to be gentle with mummy. This meant, amongst other things, that they couldn't jump on me all the time and they had to walk down the stairs like big girls. They were both fascinated with the idea and there have been many questions (although not the sort of questions I was expecting like, how did it get there and how will it come out, they've been more 'how do you feed it?' And 'when will it come out?'). Big Girl has been telling everyone since then that there is a baby in her belly too! She's told Dr's, midwife's and even the sonographer at my last appointment who was lovely and offered to look a her baby too (this was quickly declined by big girl!) She's mentioned it to random passers by in the street and even friends and family right before we were ready to tell people (there were a few quizzical looks and knowing glances thrown around!)

It was really no surprise on Sunday during our main meeting in church, while Big girl was sat on the floor colouring with Little sis, that she turned to Little Sis and very seriously said, I have a baby in my belly. Little Sis was very interested by this and a conversation followed about how big the baby was and when it was going to come out. Big Girl then looked at Little Sis and said 'I need your sweets. There's a baby in my belly and I NEED your sweets' Little Sis felt the baby in her belly must need feeding so started handing over her dolly mixtures one by one to Big Girl.

I was shocked, I didn't quite know what to say to her. It would seem big girl is having pregnancy cravings for the both of us!

Once again its that time to link up with Actually Mummy's Wot so Funee. For more laughs and smiles hop on over and see what others are linking up this week. 


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