Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Small Things - Medicine

This week we have been very grateful for medicine, particularly anti-histamine's. Some of you may remember Big Girl has a few allergies, these are mainly to cow's milk and soya. She is fine with these in moderation and often never has problems these days at times she has big flare ups and we remove all milk products from her diet and within a week or so she's fine again. She also has a more serious allergy to an 'unknown source' but we're still waiting for that one to flare up again whilst simultaneously hoping it NEVER does!

Big Girl also has some problems with everyday household products such as certain washing powders, bath products and cleaning products. Because I don't keep these products in my house, she hardly ever has a problem these days and its very easy for me to become complacent and forget the allergies are even there. I spoke a few days ago about switching our shopping to Aldi, and although at the beginning it was fine, as time has gone on Big Girl is scratching more, sleeping less and crying lots. 

I feel terrible as her parent to have not even noticed the subtle red rash appear on her body and get bigger and angrier as time went on. I feel terrible telling her off for whining at me all the time whilst she was in a lot of pain and discomfort with this latest flare up. I feel awful for loosing my temper at bedtimes and telling her to just go to sleep when she couldn't find the words to tell me this is when its at it's worst. I guess this is the guilt of a parent and at the end of the day I'm only human and can't know everything, but I still feel terrible, I should have noticed at the beginning. 

Once I realised what was going on with my Big Girl we have been able to treat this flare up with eczema creams and anti-histamines. Just a few days on and she is doing so much better, we've cut back on the milks and bath products but have noticed in the past if we persevere with a washing powder whilst dosing her up with anti-histamine and treating the eczema, she gets used to it (as long as there are no other 'problem products being used!) and will be fine.  
So this week we are very grateful for modern medicine and the amazing things it can do, not just for allergies but for all illnesses. 

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