Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When things go wrong

Wot So Funee?After the dog poo post last week things got worse for Baby Girl and on Friday afternoon we found ourselves being blue lighted back to Bristol Children's Hospital. Thankfully Baby Girl is home now and doing so much better.

To say thank you to the lovely people that helped us by looking after Big Girl over night and sitting with us in A&E to take us home again, Big Girl and I decided we wanted to make some lovely rice crispy cakes. In an exhausted, sleep deprived stressed state I though rice crispy cakes would be the easiest thing to make. But I was wrong. The chocolate didnt melt very well, and as a result didn't mix with the rice crispies or set.

I looked at the pathetic looking cakes and decided we needed something to go with them, Big Girl and I headed off to morrisons to get some Sholer and Root Beer confident these would make our cake offering look much better!

In Morrisons Big Girl sat on the floor and refused to move, she screamed and shouted and decided she didn't want to be in the shop (despite assuring me she wanted to come with me!) what should have been a quick trip turned into an hour coaxing and bribing Big Girl to co-operate. Eventually we were done and got back in the car to drop off thank you gifts. We also had with us some trays and glass jars we had borrowed for Big Girls party.

As Big Girl and I were driving along the car in front very suddenly came to a stop meaning we had to do the same. The cakes (which hadn't set) went flying onto the floor and the trays did the same crashing into the glass jars and bottles we had just bought. We had chocolate covered rice crispies and cake cases everywhere!

I was very thankful none of the glass had broke and we managed to save just 4 of the cakes. We were very sad to hand over our thank you gifts but luckily the recipients saw the very funny side of our story and appreciated the effort we had gone to.

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