Friday, 15 November 2013

Why can't I wear glasses?

On Wednesday as we walked into Weston Hospital for my routine consultant appointment, we walked past a little girl who was about Big Girls age wearing glasses and up came the conversation again.

'Mummy why can't I wear glasses?' Its no surprise really, she loves to be like those around her and almost all of the important people in her life wear glasses, her parents, her aunts, uncles and grandparents. I explained again why we wear glasses and what they do and again she pleaded with me that she couldn't see.

This conversation went round and in circles before my clever Big Girl stopped, thought about it and said, 'how would you know if I couldn't see?' I have to admit that question did stop me in my tracks and got me thinking. How would I know? I told her that she would be squinting, sitting closer to the TV and maybe even walking into things, whilst thinking, I have no idea! I could see the cogs turning in Big girls head, but for now she was satisfied with the answer and I quickly changed the subject.

After the appointment we were walking down one of the many corridors with a group of people, Big girl was walking a few steps behind me and suddenly I heard a thud. I spun round to see she had walked into a door and was quite upset. I said 'oh no! Did you accidentally walk into the door?' she nodded and came for a cuddle. The lady behind her was stifling giggles as she said, there was nothing accidental about that, she stopped, looked and walked straight into it!'

Since then the conversation has been almost constant, she sits closer to the tv when its on, (and even when its not!) she's squinting at books and constantly telling me she cant see anything. She says she can't see her sticker chart, she can't see her dinner, she can't see her shoes. So today I am taking her to the optician, she is very excited to be going to the optician and getting a pair of glasses. I have repeatedly explained to her that she will only get glasses if her eyes don't work properly.

Anyone have any ideas on how to manage disappointment in a 3 year old?


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