Tuesday, 24 December 2013

12 Things We Love About Christmas Most

I love Christmas and everything about it. We recently had the opportunity to spend a week at Center Parcs in their Winter Wonderland. Nick Oot, the Center Parcs Winter Wonderland expert, says that they use more than 2700kg of fake snow and 1500m of fairy lights to create the Winter Wonderland. That's an awful lot of snow and lights, and I can honestly say it is all just beautiful and a perfect setting to get into the Christmas spirit!

Here are the 12 things we love about the Christmas season most (in no particular order).

Lights and Decorations

I love the twinkly lights that appear everywhere and anywhere. I love that putting a set of fairy lights on a tree or a train makes it festive! Lights are just so pretty and I love that decorations pop up everywhere, in fact anything can be a Christmas decoration if you just cover it in enough glitter! These reindeer were my favourite, they were just so cute!

Christmas Candy

Candy and chocolate pop up everywhere. While we were in Centre Parcs we did a Reindeer treasure hunt and were so surprised to see these candy canes and boiled sweets decorating the Time Out Club. Just to be clear, the Time Out Club is the childrens' crèche, not the place to send children when they've been misbehaving as Big Girl thought!

Advent Calendars

I love the anticipation of the advent calendar, the sign that something big is coming, the excitement that grows with each day you count down. An advent calendar is a great way of getting the children involved in the magic of Christmas, especially if its home made and the surprises are personal to you and your family.

Christmas Music

I love the carollers and the bands that pop up on the high streets and in shopping centres. I love all Christmas music, the hymns, the carols and the childrens' songs. I love the brass bands in particular, I just think there is something about the sound that screams Christmas and it just feels so magical!

Family Time

I love that The Husband gets a few weeks off work and we get to spend some time as a family having fun, whether its walking through the woods looking for bears or snuggling up in front of a Christmas film with hot chocolate. I love that at Christmas, the husband turns off his laptop and work phone and it is a guaranteed time to spend with my little family

Christmas Trees

I love all Christmas trees, real or fake, glittery or plain I love that Christmas trees allow us to bring some of the outside in (even if I am allergic to them!) I also love that you can call anything a tree decoration just by placing it on a tree. The sports cafe was full of trees decorated in sporting equipment which we all thought was just so cute and imaginative!

Shop Windows

You cant beat a good festive window! The stars, the snowflakes, the glitter, even the random reindeer strung up! I love seeing the Christmassy scenes as I walk down the high street or around the malls. I love that even the non-Christmas can look Christmassy when surrounded by glitter and snowflakes.

Christmas Markets

The Husband is a big food fan and one thing that's always been on our Christmas Bucket list each year is to visit a Christmas Market. Being from the Black Country, growing up he was spoiled with the massive Birmingham German market right on his door step, but we love walking round even the smallest of markets that seem to pop up over night out of nowhere with the smells, lights, sounds, tastes and cute little decorations that can be found at every stall.

Open Fires

Since moving to Weston-Super-Mare this is the one thing I've been missing, a fire! I've had a fire place at every house I've lived in since I was a very little girl and this is the first house where its been missing! being at Centre Parcs it was so nice to curl up in front of the open fire with a blanket, hot chocolate and my little family. I'm also really pleased to say we now have a fire place at home! Its just an electric one that sits against the wall with a surround, but I think it finishes off the room perfectly and brings in that homely feel I've been missing.

Giving Gifts

I love choosing the perfect gifts for family and friends imagining the joy as they open them. I also love making hand made gifts as you can add that special personal touch. The looks on peoples faces as they open their gifts just make it all worth the time, effort and stress.

Meeting Santa

I love that grown ups are willing to dress up as elves, fairies and Santa to keep the magic alive for children. I loved seeing the look of wonder on the girls faces as we met Santa for the first time in his workshop, and despite our rosy cheeks and red noses (it was very cold!) I love this photo. Its just captures the feelings of my 2 children perfectly, Baby Girl was very shy and Big Girl was just shocked and in awe!


OK so I HATE cold weather and I hate that the country comes to a halt every time it threatens to snow, but I do have to admit, its pretty. There's something special about waking up to a blanket of fresh, crisp, white snow, the joy of making the first foot prints and building the biggest snowman imaginable. Playing in the snow can turn anyone into a kid again, so I think Nick Oot and the team have the right idea decorating Center parcs in fake snow, its just gorgeous.

What do you think? What are your favourite things about the festive season?

This is my entry into the Center Parcs and Tots 100 December challenge. If I'm chosen, I would like to visit Longleat

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